Capital appreciation through versatile and prudent investing has been a trademark of Teutsch Partners since its first commercial acquisition in 1983. Since that time, the firm has continued to invest its capital alongside its equity partners with the common goal of attaining superior returns on investment while creating high quality projects. Seeing value where others might not has been a consistent theme of investing success within our portfolio. We value the relationships we have grown over the years and our partners' repeated capital commitments to ongoing projects are a testament to the overall success of these partnerships.

Teutsch Partners has structured over 30 real estate partnerships of over $400 million dollars in value. Each partnership leverages Teutsch Partners' expertise in coordinating every aspect of the investment. The following list highlights a number of these skills:

• Initial property assessment and acquisition
• Equity placement
• Construction financing
• Tax benefited capital structures
• Permanent financing
• Refinances
• Asset management
• Disposition or refinance of property and distribution of return